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Welcome to The Terminators

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Who are we?

The Terminators is recognised as one of the leading providers of pest control and hygiene services in the Eastern Cape. Since our establishment in 1982, we have cemented our reputation as a reliable supplier of quality and cost-effective hygiene solutions for South African homes and businesses.

Today, we can confidently say that our commitment to service excellence and uncompromising attention to detail has paid off. With more than 25 dedicated employees – and countless satisfied clients – The Terminators works towards securing safer and more hygienic living and work environments every day.

We offer customised, pro-active and preventative hygiene systems

The Terminators offers a diverse range of pest control and hygiene services, all of which bear testimony to the promise of quality and value with which we started the business.

Our pest control, sanitary bin and washroom services include everything from bird proofing and general pest control, to sanitary waste disposal and the installation of state-of-the-art washroom hygiene technology.

The Terminators’ sanitation products and services are expertly designed as self standing units or tailor-made as comprehensive hygiene systems, depending on the unique requirements of every client.

Our environmental conscience

We appreciate the importance – and recognise the vulnerability – of the environment. Hence, The Terminators is committed to the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources, the reduction and safe disposal of waste and using energy wisely. In addition, we conduct regular environmental audits to ensure that our efforts are always effective and up-to-date.

The Terminators: Protecting people and their environments

As the Eastern Cape’s leading pest control and hygiene services provider, we stay abreast of the latest industry developments in order to offer cutting edge and highly efficient products and services.

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